Ethan mcbride
Ethan McBride
Full Name:

Ethan McBride



Date of Birth:

October 31st, 1979

Place of Birth:





5 feet, 8 inches.


200 lbs.

Eye Color:


Hair Color:




Marital Status:



Manager of the Tower Mill Entertainment Centre

First Appearance:

Knights Legacy: Awakening Of The Pen Ddraig

Ethan McBride is the manager of the Tower Mill Entertainment Centre. He is a selfish man whose resolve to find out where he comes from drives him to only take action expecting a reward for his efforts.

1979: Early Life

The day Ethan was born, reverend Leonard Zarik found him in a basket left on the steps of St. Mary’s & Old Parish Church. In time, Malcolm and Marina McBride adopted him and raised him like he was their own. Ethan has no idea of who his birth parents are or where he comes from.


When he was five years old, an unfamiliar woman kidnapped him and took him out of Hawick. While he was in her care, she gave him a sealed locket emblazoned with the coat of arms of the House of The Pendragon, which she claimed held the truth of where he came from. The woman eventually returned him to Hawick, but other than the locket, he has no memory of the ordeal.

Ethan grew up to become a selfish man whose obsession with opening the locket to find out where he comes from drives him to only take action expecting a reward for his efforts.

2008: Adulthood

For the last six years, Ethan has managed the Tower Mill Entertainment Centre in the Heart of Hawick in Hawick, Scotland. He is an avid cinephile, primarily of movies that deal with Arthurian lore.


Five years ago, Ethan met Amelia Lewis, a travelogue writer who came to Hawick to write about the Hawick Common-Riding. After going out on a few of dates, the two bonded over their common interest in Arthurian cinema, and have been dating long-distance ever since.


On the eve of the 500th Common-Riding in June of 2014, Ethan accepts Malcolm’s invitation to be Cornet, the man charged to ride the marches of the community and return the Banner Blue unsullied and unstained, so he can propose to Amelia during the Colour-Bussing ceremony.

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