Glenn B Fleming
Glenn B Fleming


Graphic designer, comic book illustrator, author, photographer, film maker, painter, playwrite, researcher, and cartoonist.


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"It must be me."

Glenn B Fleming is an all-round creator, having amassed over 30 years experience in advertising, writing, illustration, and photography.

Glenn is the author of four books (10 Tens, The Two Faces of Lee Harvey Oswald, Arrival, and The Dark Side of the Moon); The Little Green Tree, books 1 and 2, created, written, and illustrated by Glenn, are currently in post production.

Following a four year stint as publisher of “Crikey! The Great British Comics Magazine” (which also featured his cartoon character Hatch), Glenn has finally returned to his first love: creating comics.

Glenn is currently writing and illustrating his own SF Graphic Novel The Amazing Mister Kuiper and the strips The Black Diamond and Wondermen for the soon to be launched Rebellion Universe.

Since late 2011, Glenn has been involved in the character designs of Majestic Genesis with Michael Sacal. Glenn is also is producing full-color art for this project.