Knights Legacy
Knights Legacy
Knights Legacy




Ongoing Series

Created & Written By

Michael Sacal

Knights Legacy is an epic series inspired by Arthurian lore that tells the story of the modern heirs to the legacy of the Pendragon: Laurence Grey and Ethan McBride.

Laurence is the Chief Executive Officer of Carmarthen InternationalHe is a soulless man whose lack of self makes him indifferent to the suffering his tyranny causes the people of the European Union. Ethan is the manager of the Tower Mill Entertainment Centre. He is a selfish man whose resolve to find out where he comes from drives him to only take action expecting a reward for his efforts.

The emergence of Avalon – the resting place of Arthur Pendragon – propels Ethan on a journey that takes him from the world of man to the world of magic to learn where he comes from, and Laurence on a journey from the world of magic to the world of man to find out who he is.

Throughout his journey, Ethan faces the trials of chivalry; a series of tests that teach that virtue overcomes avarice while during his quest, Laurence encounters the knightly virtues; seven traits that teach that only might applied to a just cause makes right. Should either one fail to embrace their birthright and regain their missing sense of virtue and justice, it would result in the birth of a Druid Mecca built atop the ruins of the member states of the European Union - the modern-day Kingdoms of Camelot.

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