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Morgana Le Fey

Morgana Le Fey is Arthur Pendragon’s half-sister through Igraine of Lyonesse. Her sisters are Morgause and Elaine. Morgana is a physician schooled in the art of healing, which she learned from studying the usefulness all herbs bear. She possesses extraordinary healing powers drawn from Brocéliande forest, a world of magic lore that conceals the darkest of locations and hosts unearthly beings that can thin the veil between worlds, as well as the ability to change shape to take flight or glide out of the air into any land at will.

She and her sisters took Arthur to Avalon following the Battle of Camlann to nurse him until his wound healed. She placed him upon a golden couch and, upon inspecting his wound, informed him that she could cure him only as long as he stayed with her to endure her treatment. Aware that the Kingdoms of Camelot would need him to protect them against a threat from beyond the realm, he agreed to stay with Morgana.

On Avalon, Morgana protects and educates the Morgens of Avalon - Thetis, Gliten, Glitonea, Thitis, Gliton, Tyrone, Moronoe, and Mazoe. The Morgens encompass all her qualities on the continua between light and darkness, creative and destructive, positive and negative, and sour and sweetness. They are renowned for their ability to shapeshift and appear in different places in a single instant. They are also the keepers of the Arthurian knightly virtues, the virtuous qualities that defined the meaning of chivalry for the knights of the Round Table.

The Morgens are psychopomps that hold a metaphorical torch of knowledge that exposes new realities and ways of thinking to those it lights. They hold a mirror that shows one’s shadow side and reveals what aspects they must alter to progress. They present themselves as challenging sides of one’s self and are present during path workings to help guide travelers in their journey across the astral plane.

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