The Majestic Universe is a sprawling epic saga told across multiple genres broken into six unique series that feature lead characters thrown into extraordinary circumstances that force them to find the hero within themselves.

Michael Sacal is the Creative Director of the Majestic Imprint.

  • “The one thing more dangerous than the barbarians at the gate is the villagers on the other side.”Go to Aurora
  • “Learning that you are different from everybody else should be cause for concern, not celebration”Go to Enhanced High
  • “Virtue triumphs over avarice, and might applied to a just cause makes right.”Go to Knights Legacy
  • “The obsession with doing the right thing transforms a good man of faith into a tyrannical man of science.”Go to Majestic Genesis
  • “A journey across a timeless afterlife reveals the architects of reality.”Go to Majestic Realms
  • “There are horrors in this world born of the scientific and supernatural, but naught compare to those born of man.”Go to The Specialists
  • “Revenge won’t satisfy you.”Go to The Warrior's Path
  • “The only outcome in the conflict between life and death is entropy.”Go to The Zeroth Testament
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