Witchfinder: Curse of the Poppet is the story of a snarky teenager who is cursed by a witch.

"This is a tale of witchcraft, or more specifically, followers of the Wiccan religion, and is set in modern day Salem, Massachusetts. Salem is of course infamous for being the setting of the horrific witch trials of the 17th century. The story proposes that followers of  have started to move to Salem, as it is a sort of Mecca for witchcraft, and the local citizens are not too impressed with this phenomenon. The Mayor of the City has been leading a campaign that will see all of the trappings of witchcraft tourism removed from the city, which has been seen as a “racist” gesture by followers of Wiccan. When the story opens, the Mayor has been kidnapped, and the town is in an uproar. Meanwhile, a young girl enters a doll store run by a follower of Wicca, and finds a small doll that looks suspiciously like the Mayor.

This story had a good set up and an interesting premise, but I have to say that I found the ending to be a bit of a disappointment, and rather unfulfilling. The artwork is pretty good, but a little rough around the edges at points, for example the use of too many lines on character’s faces, which makes them look much older than they should."

- Hypergeek.Ca

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Witchfinder: Curse of The Poppet is © Michael Sacal, Greg Novak, Leeahd Goldberg, Chris Morill, and Vanessa Beckmann. All rights reserved.